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Creation Station

Designer Carmen provides an opportunity to craft and create fashion jewelry and accessories using scraps of material, buttons, and yarn donated by other designers and crafters. She also partners with other artists to teach crafts and assist children and adults. The cost for a creation is no more than $5-10. Customers select and pays for up to 5 materials and are helped in making creations. Some customers also make things and leave them at the Creation Station to be sold. This event occurs at a table next to Crown Soul Creations designs each weekend of vendoring in the summer months. The first Creation Station was done at Brooklyn's Fulton Flea Market partnered with Shireen Dickson of Rowenzita Designs. Last summer the Creation Station teamed up with Nubia of Ziggy Angels Designs. For more info and to book this event contact

Fashion Showcase

Crown Soul Creations participates in many showcases, benefits, fundraisers, cultural events, fashion pop-up shops, and more. This fall Crown Soul Creations Swimwear was featured in Baruch College's Bacchanal Fashion Show. If you are a model who wants to participate in future fashion shows, an organization seeking a fashion event, or artist who wants to collaborate with Crown Soul Creations contact 

Crown Soul Fashionista Blog & Campaign

Crown Soul Fashionista is a blog by the designer to update lovers of fashion about the current trends, newest designers and models, favorite finds, fashion advice, and celebrity fashion news. In 2012 she will start the Campaign Live For Fashion an opportunity for the community to state what they "live for"in a video and essay contest. Winner will receive t-shirt, bag, and  free photo shoot in Live For Fashion products.

 If you are a designer, crafter, stylist, fashionista who wants to be a contributing writer or would like to be interviewed for a story contact Also join the blog and add commentary


Crown Soul Creations makes its way to Manhattan in its first window display at the Sansha Store 888 53st. .Every year many designers and artists across the city are selected to display their work as a part of Hell's Kitchen Arts Festival. Carmen was excited to put up the display and talk to customers. As a result of networking she received free tickets to the new "Marley" movie documentary about Bob Marley's life. This was a great opportunity. Crown Soul Creations has been sold at pop up shops and events throughout the city.lf you wish to see certain products in a store near you contact

Sansha is a dance retail store where Carmen is also assistant store manager. Many of her clients are also dancers and often come here to shop and add flyers and posters to the community artists board. Carmen was featured in a Episode 11 of Season 2 "Dance Moms" filmed at the store this year. As a manager Carmen has assisted with donations to Rosie's Kids, Lady Gaga video, and Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Facebook Testimonials

Elisabeth Sweetlike Novacane Darlene- "Congrats Carmen. All the hard, hard work that you put into it. I'm happy to hear that it made its way into a good store, selling your items."

 ( In reference to Crown Soul Creations sold and displayed in windows at Sansha Store at 888 53rd St for 6 days in May 2012)

Zahj Wordbender- "They are so....cute! When I think of creativity, I think of you." ;-)

(In reference to the new Crown Soul Creations custom crochet designed Sony ZX300 headphones.)

Melanie Pagani-- "List that on etsy! Great work!

Esemert rocking her new custom designed Crown Soul Creations headphones! This was my favorite pair. I was allowed to design them however I liked base off her personality, style, and colors I knew she would like!

Ma Yashi, fashion designer of Mamayashi Collection rocking her custom designed ZX 300 crochet headphones in the photoshoot and promo ad for the BK Shopping Party.